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Financial Expenditures

Total Governmental Expenditures by Function

Beginning with the 2017 financial data (extracted from the most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), a report has been produced to provide Total Governmental Expenditures by Function. For additional financial information, please refer to the CAFR or contact Financial Services at email.

2017 Total Governmental Expenditures by Function

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Chart of 2017 Total Governmental Expenditures by Function

Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)

The Popular Annual Financial Report, or PAFR, was prepared prior to 2017 to provide the finances of the county in a format that was easy to understand by those without a background in public finance or accounting. It was designed for readers who like to review financial and operational information in a summarized format and also provided non-financial information to give users a better understanding of the county as a whole.

After several years of producing the PAFR, the Financial Services division found that most county residents just want to see overall county expenditures and will reach out if they want more specific information. Beginning with the 2017 calendar year, the information is provided in the spreadsheet format shown above.

Prior PAFR Reports*

2016 PAFR 2015 PAFR 2014 PAFR 2013 PAFR 2012 PAFR

What you will find in the PAFR:

  • Profile of the county, including leadership and organizational structure
  • Profile of county employees and volunteers
  • Demographic and economic profile of the county, including employer and housing statistics
  • Service statistics (i.e. number of people served, miles or roads maintained, etc.)
  • Financial data, including Assets, Liabilities, Revenues, Expenses and Net Position
  • Projects and developments in process and upcoming for the next year
  • Commissioner Initiatives, including Collaboration, Public Service and Sustainability
  • Awards and accomplishments

*Note: Popular Annual Financial Reports are not required by state law, but are created for more general public consumption. Boulder County began publishing PAFRs in 2012. The PAFR is created in conjunction with the Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR) which must be completed by July 31 for the previous calendar year. Therefore, the most recent PAFR may be dated one year behind the current year (e.g., the 2017 PAFR will be published in July 2018).

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