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Communities that Care
dawn in Lafayette, Colorado

Communities that Care: Lafayette, Colorado

Help Make Lafayette a Place Where Young People Thrive

Lafayette, Colorado is participating in a process called Communities that Care (CTC). This process helps communities prevent problems before they develop.

  • Mental Health Committee
  • Restorative Justice Committee
  • Positive Youth Spaces

Vision Statement

A vibrant community, Lafayette is committed to equitable access to quality education, health, and community resources, ensuring its youth emerge as healthy, engaged, and compassionate citizens.

Creating a Healthy Community

The conditions in which people are born, live, grow and play affect their health.

Lafayette Communities That Care is committed to creating a healthy city with community involvement by:

  • Leveraging existing local expertise by including partner agencies
  • Empowering youth and community to generate data
  • Bolstering an active Community Board
  • Addressing the social context in which drug use occurs
  • Supporting positive youth development

communities that care logoThe Communities that Care Model Works

Many communities that participate in the Communities that Care model see dramatic reductions in levels of youth alcohol and tobacco use, crime, and violence.

Participating communities have seen more of their youth:

  • Graduate from high school on time
  • Do better economically
  • Have better mental health in their 20s
  • Have fewer sexually transmitted diseases
  • Have fewer teen pregnancies

big picture includes increasing protective factors and reducing risk factorsCommunity Survey

Communities That Care helps communities address the root causes of substance abuse so that all young people thrive. Understanding information about current risks and strengths in the Lafayette community is the first step in the CTC process. Based on the findings, the community then selects and puts in place tested and effective prevention policies, practices, and extends the reach of programs that are already working.

  • Community Readiness Assessment
    Key informant interviews were conducted to learn about strengths, challenges, and hopes for young people in Lafayette

Existing Data Sources

The Lafayette CTC project was informed by existing data sources. This allowed project leaders to have a set of baseline data.

Community Survey

Lafayette Communities that Care surveyed youth and adults to learn how to best make changes in the community that would benefit all.

Environmental Scan

Teams of local young adults walked the streets of the Lafayette community with a chaperone to assess strengths and challenges of the physical environment and to assess how welcoming the community is for young adults.

youth conducting scan in Lafayette for Communities that Care

Priorities of the Project

After reviewing all the data, the Lafayette CTC Community Board chose to address the following priority areas to “create a community with the social and physical environments that promote good health for all”:

  • Extreme Economic Deprivation
  • Community Laws and Norms Favorable Towards Drug Use
  • Family Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement

how it works: communities that careCommunity Board

This project would not be successful without the help of the community. Community Board members include a diverse group of parents, youth, community organizations, school staff, and business owners.

Members are people from Lafayette who know the neighborhood and who have a commitment to make things even better for our youth.

Community Board Members

  • Attend an orientation
  • Attend regular meetings (minimal time required monthly)
  • Share your ideas and listen to the ideas of other board members
  • Participate in a work group
  • Commit to a minimum of 1 year. Of course, we hope you’ll stay longer!

No experience is necessary. Meetings will include workshops about prevention science and a trained facilitator will guide the board through the Communities That Care process.

Community Board meetings will include free food and childcare.

Key Leaders

Communities that Care mural in Lafayette, Colorado

Lafayette Communities that Care Project Mural

A Lafayette artist coached seven youth artists by taking a walking tour of Lafayette public art to learn how art can share a message and by providing guidance on how to translate creative brainstorming into a cohesive work of art reflecting the vision of the group. The mural will be displayed in the Lafayette Public Library initially and will then be hosted by other Lafayette venues.

The muralists who worked on this project explained that the images in the mural represent diversity and how the community breaks down barriers when working together.

About the Communities that Care Program

Learn more about the Communities that Care program in other Colorado communities.

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