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Healthy Drink Tips
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Healthy Drink Tips

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It can be difficult to get children to choose healthy drinks instead of sugary drinks. These tips and tricks can help you help your kids make the switch to healthier drinks.


  • It’s ok to start slow. Choose one drink or one day each week to switch to a non-sweetened choice.
  • Make the switch gradually. Try starting by adding a bit of water to sugary drinks.
  • Add a splash of 100% juice to plain sparkling water.
  • Try limiting the time of day for sugary drinks – like no sugary drinks after lunch.
  • Let your kids pick out a water bottle they like, fill it up, and bring it with them wherever you go.
  • Kids like fizz. Try switching a sugary drink to sparkling water with a splash of juice for color and flavor.
  • Add slices of orange, lemon or cucumber to water to make it more flavorful and fun.
  • Try a banana blended with ice cubes and low-fat milk and top it with cinnamon!
  • Tell other parents that you’re switching to healthy drinks and ask them to serve only water or milk to your child.
  • Keep up the good work. It’s hard to say no to a child who wants a sugary drink. You’re making a great choice for their health!
  • If they’d like a drink, try cold low-fat milk. It’ll fill them up and is good for their teeth and bones.

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