Tungsten Village

A Mountain Community

The Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) is thrilled to share that we have completed construction on Tungsten Village, our newest neighborhood of affordable rental homes in Nederland, Colorado! We have received a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the Town of Nederland, which means the building complies with the town’s regulations on construction and site use and is now ready for residents! Move-ins are underway.

Tungsten Village, located at 333 State Highway 72, a few blocks northwest of downtown Nederland, contains 26 affordable rental homes for low- and moderate-income residents. It is owned, managed, and maintained by BCHA.

Beauty and Sustainability

Tungsten Village features state-of-the-art design and technology that make it both beautiful and sustainable:

  • The building incorporates permeable surfaces along with a photovoltaic solar system producing approximately 31 kilowatt hours per year.
  • In the spirit of Nederland’s Dark Sky Initiative, Tungsten Village features downcast lighting to help preserve the night skies and avoid impacts on surrounding neighborhoods.
  • The project team worked closely with the Town of Nederland to meet guidelines put forward by recycling and green initiatives.
  • The building design echoes mountain community character and spirit with vernacular mountain architectural style and use of natural exterior materials and colors.

What’s in a Name?

Tungsten Village was named by community members Naomi Harris and Tamara Whinston through BCHA’s “Name it, Ned” campaign in 2018, citing as their source of inspiration Nederland’s history of tungsten mining paired with the saying “it takes a village” to describe the close-knit community.

Thanks to Our Partners!

BCHA is grateful to our construction and design partners for their collaboration on Tungsten Village:

  • Milender White Construction Company created and enforced a COVID-19 site protection plan to provide a safe workplace for employees, subcontractors, and neighboring residents.
  • Architect Coburn Partners designed a building that supports BCHA and the community’s mission to increase affordable housing in a way that compliments the distinct character of the mountain community.
  • The Town of Nederland, members of the Peak to Peak Housing and Human Services Alliance, and other town leaders provided support, input, and outreach to members of their community at every step in the process.
Tungsten Village application!

COVID-19 Update:

If you are experiencing a job loss or a reduction in your household’s wages due to the coronavirus pandemic, please still consider submitting an application to live at Tungsten Village. BCHA staff are available to help connect you with resources and understand your unique financial situation. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page (in English or Spanish) for a full list of services and assistance.

Applications for a 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom home at Tungsten Village are being accepted, and the list will remain open indefinitely. Applications are available online only. Due to COVID-19, BCHA is not accepting paper applications. Applications are prioritized based on date and time received. Please allow 20 minutes to complete the application. The waitlist is now closed for the six Tungsten Village homes subsidized by a project-based voucher.

If you have a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to participate fully in the application process, please call 720-564-2267 and select option 1. For those with a hearing impairment, our TDD number is 7-1-1.

Boulder County offers free financial coaching as well. Sign up today if you are interested in a Tungsten Village home and need assistance with financial planning.

For more information about design, amenities, and the application process, please review the flyer (in English or Spanish) and frequently-asked questions.

Please visit the Boulder County Housing Authority’s Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodation page for information about the housing authority’s non-discrimination policy and reasonable accommodation request process.

Frequently-Asked Questions


Tungsten Village, developed, managed and maintained by Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA), is located at 333 State Highway 72 in Nederland, CO. The building is north of downtown, west of the library, and south of the Nederland Community Center. Within a half mile are two grocery stores, a library, the community center, a post office, medical offices, a downtown area, and a transit center (RTD Park-n-Ride) is located directly across the street. Schools -preschool and elementary through high school- are within 1.5 miles of the site.

The easiest route to Tungsten Village from the east is Highway 119 west through Boulder Canyon (although it is also accessible by any canyon leading to the Peak to Peak Highway). Once in Nederland, take the second right at the roundabout, which turns into W 2nd Ave. In less than a quarter mile, the building will be on your right.

Tungsten Village Community - Map

Tungsten Village sits in Nederland at an elevation of 8,228 feet, in a 24,888 square foot 2- to 3-story building. It includes 26 homes with sizes ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. It serves a mixed general population, with rents affordable to households earning at or below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI – see the chart below). Several homes are for households earning at or below 40% and 50% AMI, and 6 homes offer a rental subsidy (“project-based” subsidy) for the lowest-income tenants, allowing the resident to pay no more than approximately 30% of the household’s adjusted gross income toward rent.

The community honors the mountain town’s character through a property that is similar to other existing buildings in height, scale, exterior materials, and decorative features. Nederland’s mining history influenced the design of the building, which includes simple parapets and gabled slope roofs, and is reflected in the name Tungsten Village, proposed by two Nederland residents. The Tungsten Village logo denotes the periodic chart symbol for the mineral Tungsten in a “W” constructed of mountains and a pickaxe, with a nod to the high elevation blue sky and teal-colored Barker Reservoir.

The site plan for Tungsten Village was designed to offer a balance between providing room for families to maintain privacy and encouraging community interaction and collaboration. The property features an outdoor seating area and easy connections to the regional trail system and downtown area.

Tungsten Village Community - Site Plan

Property and home amenities include:

  • secured main entry
  • laminate wood flooring
  • elevator access
  • electric range
  • in-home washer/dryer
  • on-site bicycle storage
  • secured storage space
  • ceiling fans
  • sustainability features such as energy-efficient appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator and stove), LED lighting, low/no VOC paint, water-conserving fixtures, and large windows attracting daylight
  • an outdoor seating area
  • close proximity to open space, skiing, and biking and hiking trails

Applications for Tungsten Village will be accepted starting May 7th, 2020 at 9:00 AM. Applicants will be contacted for eligibility screening beginning in early summer, and move-ins are anticipated to begin in late summer.

A variety of floor plans are offered for each home size (between 605 and 1,107 sq. ft., depending on number of bedrooms) and are shown on the Tungsten Village flyer and will be posted to Boulder County Connect, the client portal for the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services, at www.TungstenVillage.com.


Home Sizes Approximate Gross Rent (utilities are included)
1 bedroom (11 homes) $852 – $1,184
2 bedroom (13 homes) $1,023 – $1,421
3 bedroom (2 homes) $1,476 – $1,772
  • Yes!
  • Heat, electricity, water, trash, and recycling are all included in the rent amount
  • Not included (to be paid for, as desired, by resident)- communication services, including telephone, internet, cable, and other pay television services

Security deposits are very low and based on the number of bedrooms, as below:

Home Size Security Deposit Amount
1 Bedroom $200
2 Bedroom $250
3 Bedroom $300

The security deposit will be due and payable on the day of lease-signing.

Please remember that Tungsten Village rent amounts include utilities, which market-rate rentals generally do not. For an accurate comparison, once utilities are factored into a market-rate rental, Tungsten Village rent amounts are $575 to $1,100 less per month than market rate rentals. See below for more on this.

Tungsten Village is primarily funded through federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, which are offered to developers and housing authorities to construct and provide affordable housing to residents at rents that are lower than the market rate, serving households with income at or below 60% of Area Median Income.

All Tungsten Village homes will be offered at below-market rate, with six homes dedicated to serving residents through a project-based subsidy, allowing the resident to pay no more than approximately 30% of the household’s adjusted gross income toward rent. Please see attached frequently-asked questions about the Project-Based Voucher Program.

Here is more detailed information that may help put Tungsten Village’s rent amounts into clearer perspective:

  • The rent amount includes utilities such as heat, electricity, water, and trash (and recycling), which has a value of between $239 and $328 per month (based on bedroom size).
  • The security deposit for Tungsten Village is low -between $200 and $300- as compared with deposits for market-rate rentals. Private landlords often require first and last month’s rent and the same amount in the security deposit prior to move-in.
  • BCHA allows households to keep pets for a one-time non-refundable fee of $150 that covers all pets in the household, and a refundable pet deposit in the amount of $150 per pet. Some private landlords add a monthly pet rent to their lease requirements and/or have higher required deposits.
  • Residents will receive an RTD EcoPass, provided to all Nederland residents by the Town, which allows free unlimited rides on buses and rail throughout Boulder County and regionally, including to and from and within Denver.

While sizes and amenities of market rate homes may not equal that provided by Tungsten Village, Nederland’s average rents (Zillow Rent Index data) are $1,537 (1-bedroom), $1,761 (2-bedroom) and $2,332 (3-bedroom). These exceed Tungsten Village approximate rents by nearly $500 for a 1-bedroom home, $350 for a 2-bedroom home, and $850 for a 3-bedroom home. Equally important, once utilities (included in Tungsten Village rent) are factored into a market rate rental cost, savings for Tungsten Village residents approach $700 each month for a 1-bedroom home, $575 per month for a 2-bedroom home, and $1,100 per month for a 3-bedroom home.


Tungsten Village will serve households with income at or below 60% of Area Median Income. Rent and income limits listed below are updated annually by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

2020 Income Limits
Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Income Limit $48,360 $55,260 $62,160 $69,060 $74,640 $80,160 $85,680

Yes. While Tungsten Village will have stated income limits for eligibility based on household size, BCHA wants you to have the best possible chance to be financially stable in your housing. In that respect, your monthly income must be equivalent to at least twice the monthly rent amount of the home you wish to lease. If your income does not meet this requirement, a leasing specialist may review your rental history -considering such factors as how much rent you paid before, how timely you have been with your payments, and the value of your current assets- to determine if you qualify based on those additional factors. Households with a housing voucher will not be subject to this requirement.

Yes. If you have a Section 8 voucher, also known as a Housing Choice Voucher, you may use it to subsidize your rent at a non-subsidized home at Tungsten Village. (If you are eligible and selected for one of the 6 subsidized project-based homes, you will need to either forfeit your Housing Choice Voucher for one that is tied specifically to the Tungsten Village home or, more beneficially, use your Housing Choice Voucher at another non-subsidized home.)

Current residents of BCHA homes are able to transfer to Tungsten Village if they meet certain qualifications. Some of the qualifications include leasing their current home on a month-to-month lease (which occurs after the first year of their lease), being in good standing as a BCHA resident (such as paying rent on time and complying with housekeeping standards), meeting income guidelines, and being able to afford two times the rent amount.

While it is preferable for BCHA to maintain a list of applicants who are income-qualified to rent a home at Tungsten Village at the time they submit their application -including meeting the minimum income requirement-, anyone in need of affordable housing is welcome to apply. Income, which may change over time, will not be verified until an applicant is contacted about an available home.

Upon meeting other eligibility requirements, application acceptance would depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the nature of the legal issues and whether any convictions were issued. National criminal and sexual offender background checks will be conducted for all residents.

The total current value of all applicable assets such as checking, savings, and money market accounts, IRA’s, certificates of deposit, real estate, annuities, trust accounts, term life insurance, and more, will be calculated together.

The number of people who can occupy a home varies based on bedroom size, as local occupancy requirements allow no more than two people per bedroom plus one additional person. Residents who have a housing voucher may be required to adhere to stricter occupancy requirements associated with those vouchers.

Income and assets will be verified annually. Residents must meet income guidelines at move-in. If income increases after move in, a resident will not be asked to move out of his or her home.


The number of accessible units at Tungsten Village exceed standard requirements. All homes are elevator accessible and adaptable. In addition, two homes are designed as fully-accessible (i.e., roll-in shower, handheld showerhead, counter tops at accessible height, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant appliances). One home is designed for people with sensory impairments (i.e., visible alarm appliances, audible/visible doorbell). Residents with disabilities may apply for a Reasonable Accommodation to request additional modifications to meet their accessibility needs. Requests may be submitted and are subject to approval by the Boulder County Reasonable Accommodation Committee.

Licensed service animals are welcome in areas that the public can access. Assistance animals that will reside in homes, including those that may otherwise be considered service animals or those for emotional support, may be requested as a Reasonable Accommodation. BCHA’s Reasonable Accommodation Committee reviews requests and makes determinations on a monthly basis. Licensed service animals are not subject to the Pet Policy mentioned above and are exempt from the pet fee and deposit.

Boulder County, in accordance with the Fair Housing Act, prohibits discrimination in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, familial status or national origin.


Not yet. An interest list is different than a waitlist. Placement on the interest list enables people who want to be considered for a home at Tungsten Village to receive email updates about the construction and application/waitlist processes when this information becomes available. Those interested in living in a Tungsten Village home need to complete an application to be placed on a waitlist to have their eligibility determined for a home when one becomes available. BCHA is managing three waitlists for Tungsten Village, one for each (1-, 2-, and 3-) bedroom size.

You may sign up for the interest list on the Boulder County website, here: Tungsten Village Interest List (or visit bouldercounty.gov and search for “Tungsten Village Interest List”). Once the application becomes available, it will be hosted on Boulder County Connect at www.TungstenVillage.com, and the interest list will no longer be active. Again, it’s important to note that everyone on the interest list at that time will be notified that the application is available on Boulder County Connect.


Applications for Tungsten Village are being accepted now and may be completed on any personal or public computer or smart phone using this link. Residents with a disability may request a Reasonable Accommodation for application assistance by emailing BCHALeasing@bouldercounty.org or leaving a voicemail message at (720) 564-2267 option 1.

People who have a disability and need application assistance may request a reasonable accommodation to complete an application by calling (720) 564-2267 option 1 or emailing BCHALeasing@bouldercounty.org. Staff will return your call or email and either complete your application over the phone, with your guidance, or find an alternative solution to meet your needs.

There will be two application processes for Tungsten Village; one for general applicants and one for applicants who want to apply for one of the six homes offering subsidized rent. While one application will contain opportunities for both, applications for a subsidized home will only be open for one day while the general application will be open for the long-term. While each application has its requirements -many overlapping- anyone may apply using one or both of them.

Basic information will be needed for the application. This includes the following:

  • contact information and name, birth date, and sex/gender
  • Social Security Number (accepted, though not required)
  • estimated gross monthly household income (for all household members age 18 or over) and source (employment, SSI, SSDI, pension, TANF, child support, etc.)

At the time an applicant is offered a home, more specific documentation about income and assets (i.e., statements and/or complete verification forms) will be required.

For the general application, applicants will be contacted about an available home based on the date and time they applied. Due to federal fair housing laws, there are no preferences which would enable an applicant to move ahead on a waitlist. This federal policy applies to all housing types – market rate and affordable – and all housing developers and landlords.

For the project-based application, according to program guidelines BCHA provides assistance to local applicants and prioritizes those who are:

  • a head of household (HH) or spouse living in Boulder County
  • a HH or spouse who works at least 20 hours per week within Boulder County
  • a HH or spouse who attends school full-time within Boulder County
  • a HH or spouse who is elderly (62+) and doesn’t currently reside in Boulder County, but has an adult child, parent, or sibling who resides in Boulder County
  • a HH or spouse who is an individual with disabilities who doesn’t currently reside in Boulder County, but has an adult child, parent, or sibling who resides in Boulder County

AND where one or more of the following are true:

  • the HH or spouse is elderly (age 62+)
  • the HH or spouse is an individual with disabilities
  • the household contains children under the age of 18


Applicants will be contacted in the order applications were received to meet with property management staff to complete eligibility paperwork, including income and asset verifications, landlord references, and a criminal background screening. Once an applicant is determined to be eligible for a home, he or she will be contacted to sign lease documents.

BCHA has property management and maintenance staff who are responsible for day-to-day housing operations. One on-site property manager will be appointed for BCHA’s Nederland properties, which includes Tungsten Village. Maintenance staff conduct regular inspections, attend to work orders, and are available for emergencies.

Unfortunately, due to the construction period and the short timeframe for leasing, applicants will not be able to view homes prior to move-in.

Due to the tight timeframe for lease-up, homes will be assigned for each resident by Property Management staff based on bedroom size. Exceptions will be made for people with a disability who require specific accessible homes and a Reasonable Accommodation.


One parking space is provided for each resident household at Tungsten Village, although the location will not be specifically assigned. There are also parking spaces for guests, visitors, and staff, and designated accessible parking spots for people with disabilities. In addition, Tungsten Village residents are encouraged to use public transportation, as each will receive a free regional EcoPass to use, including at the transit center directly across the street. Residents are also encouraged to use other non-car forms of mobility -such as bicycles- which may be parked at on-site racks.

Tungsten Village is located across the street from the Nederland RTD transit center, which provides service through the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to downtown Boulder by way of Nederland High School and Eldora Mountain Resort, and along Highway 119 with stops at Boulder Falls and Magnolia Road. There is also a shuttle to the Hessie Trailhead, a popular entry point for the Indian Peaks Willderness, at the RTD transit center.

Tungsten Village residents will receive an RTD EcoPass, provided to all Nederland residents by the Town, which allows free unlimited rides on buses and rail throughout Boulder County and regionally, including to and from and within Denver.

In addition to public transportation, residents with a disability who are not able to use the regular bus lift system may also be served through the Access-a-Ride program, which provides curbside and door-to-door service.


BCHA allows households to keep up to two pets, plus two “confined” animals (such as birds, rodents, fish and reptiles). A one-time non-refundable pet fee of $150 is charged per household. In addition, a refundable pet deposit of $150 for each pet is required. More details are outlined in BCHA’s Pet Policy, provided upon request.

BCHA prohibits smoking indoors and in the majority of outdoor areas for all of its properties. Tungsten Village has a designated smoking area. Details are outlined in BCHA’s Smoke-Free Policy, provided upon request (and at lease signing). Illegal drugs are not permitted. Please note that while marijuana is legal under Colorado law, it is not legal under federal (HUD) law and is therefore not legal in BCHA properties.

BCHA has a number of policies which require resident compliance, including, but not limited to, those related to smoking, illegal drugs, pets, housekeeping, and inspections. To request a packet of resident policies, please leave a message at 720-564-2267, and staff will return your call.


For questions not answered on this website, please email BCHALeasing@bouldercounty.org or leave a voicemail message at (720) 564-2267 option 1

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