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COVID-19 Vaccine Data

COVID-19 Vaccine Data

Boulder County Vaccine Dashboard

The Boulder County COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Dashboard (below) gives viewers an in-depth, interactive look at current vaccination rates in Boulder County.

The following information includes vaccine doses administered to Boulder County residents. Information is included on vaccine doses provided by all COVID-19 vaccine providers in Colorado, including Boulder County Public Health, hospitals, and some health clinics and physician offices. The data comes from the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) in which all COVID-19 vaccine doses in Colorado are required to be recorded.

View the state’s COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard.

User Tips

  • Click the left and right arrows (or tabs for some viewers) at the bottom of the dashboard to view more data
  • Filter by city using the dropdown menu, labeled “Data By City”, in the top right corner
  • View definitions for terms used in the dashboard in the bottom left corner on the “Definitions” tab
  • Note: Only certain views can be filtered by city. These views will have the note “Can filter by patient city” in the bottom left.

View mobile version or desktop version (below).

  • The population denominator for each block group is a limited estimate derived from American Community Survey (ACS) data from the US Census Bureau. The smaller the Census Block Group population, the greater the potential error. For example, the population of Boulder County is increasing (Growth rate 0.6% in 2019, DOLA). In a block group with a small population (e.g. <200 people) it is possible that the ACS estimate for that area does not take into account recent in migration patterns. For this reason, the % of people vaccinated may exceed 100%.
  • Take caution in evaluating census block group information in areas around CU campus. Some students may have a permanent residence in another state or county, and even though they may have been vaccinated, they would not be counted as a Boulder County resident. In addition, people who were vaccinated outside of Colorado would not be represented in this data set.

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