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Early Intervention and Prevention Services

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Early Intervention and Prevention Services

Boulder County Housing & Human Services Early Intervention offers prevention and stabilization services to families in various voluntary programs that promote the strengths of the family and community. Early Intervention utilizes integrated case management skills, self-sufficiency assessments and innovative programs to prevent child welfare involvement and create a thriving community for the children and families of Boulder County.

Colorado Community Response

Colorado Community Response (CCR) is a parent-led, voluntary program managed by a team of dedicated staff at Boulder County. As this suggests, parents can choose whether they participate in the program as well as the types of goals we focus on. As such, one of the most important parts of our work together is communication to ensure that we are always working to meet our collective goals!

​Every family is unique, and each family’s needs vary. We meet each family just where they are to provide comprehensive support in a variety of domains. We work within a two-generational model. This means we partner with families in a way that supports the whole family: both parent and child.

Who can participate in CCR:

  • Families living in Boulder County
  • Any income levels
  • Any documentation status

Support can look like:

  • Finding housing opportunities
  • Connecting with other parents
  • Getting financial assistance
  • Educational advocacy
  • Building financial stability
  • Referrals to other amazing agencies and programs
  • Learning about resources in our community
  • Support with questions about parenting and child development
  • And much more!

Family Unification Program (FUP)

The Family Unification Program (FUP) is a housing voucher program specifically for families involved with Child Welfare in Boulder County. Unlike vouchers available to anyone who qualifies, FUP vouchers are awarded through a very specific program to families where a lack of housing is a barrier to a family reunifying.

In the FUP program, participants can expect to work with a support specialist for one year. During this year, you will receive coaching on how to maintain your voucher and utilize the resources available to you. Your support specialist will assist in finding housing and other information to help the family become stable. In addition to this stability, the objective for FUP is for participants to gain skills to successfully maintain their vouchers.

Support can look like:

  • Finding housing opportunities
  • Connecting with other parents
  • Getting financial assistance
  • Educational advocacy
  • Referrals to other amazing agencies and programs
  • Help applying for public supports such as CCAP and LEAP
  • Building financial stability
  • Learning about resources in our community
  • And much more!

Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Program works with families in which a tangible need exists, and where the meeting of that need will likely prevent future child welfare referrals and/or intervention; this need can realistically be resolved in 1-3 months. Families that will voluntarily work with the Early Intervention Program toward self-sufficiency by following through with referrals and participating in goal setting. Clients are first referred to appropriate community agencies dependent upon their location and situation.

Please note this page is for informational purposes.

Program eligibility/ information can change.


Alejo Irureta - Early Intervention Team

Alejo Irurueta

CCR Bilingual Family Navigator


Alejo has a background in mental health. He has a reputation for being a great cook and being dedicated to finding new resources.

Christina Garcia

Early Intervention Program Bilingual Support Specialist


I have had the opportunity to work in the field that I am passionate about human services, helping and supporting families in need for 18 years. On my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and my 4 chihuahua dogs.

Christina Garcia - Early Intervention Team
Martin Martinez - Early Intervention Team

Martin Martinez

Early Intervention Program Bilingual Supervisor

A cultural broker and well known community figure Martin has been a critical figure in the development of CCR in Boulder County. In his free time Martin loves hanging out with his “3 pollitos”.

Family Experiences with CCR

My family would not be buying a house this year without the help of this organization.
Thank you for everything, you really have been an angel. The gift cards will help so much. Helping with housing you don’t even know; we feel so stuck and our kids come first. Housing is so important we are outgrowing we’re we live so badly.
I have received an overflow of help from them over the past years and I appreciate all they have done for my family and the families in the community. They continue to support and provide for the community by offering multiple resources for families in need, you can get from housing assistance to food assistance in Boulder County.
Thank you, Martin,!
I’ve come so far because a few years ago, when things were really hard…I got you, out of all the other parts and people in the system, I got someone that believed in me. Thanks so much for this resource, for these resources!
Allysen went above and beyond! She was amazing. She encouraged me not to give up. Thank you for everything!
Painted Heart - Early Intervention

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the CCR program real?

We are! We are a state and county funded program. CCR is in several counties and Family Resource Centers across the state of Colorado. To learn more about how we strengthen families please visit:


What happens if I decide to stop working with my advocate ?

We understand this too! Just let us know you need to take a break from receiving services. CCR is family-led and completely voluntary.

What if I’m too busy to work with someone right now?

We totally understand that life gets busy sometimes, and maybe you don’t have the time to meet with us right now. We are here for you when you’re ready. If after the first call you decide you need to take some time you can always call us in the future for information, resources, and support.

How do I get a FUP voucher?

The FUP program is available only through a specific referral process. If you are not a FUP program participant, please explore the other Boulder County Housing Authority voucher opportunities that may be available for you.

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