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Property Transfer – Step One

SepticSmart: Property Transfer Step One

Hire Licensed Professionals

You will need to contact and hire licensed professionals to make sure the system is working properly and to pump the tank.

In order to assess each part of the system, the septic tank must be pumped by a licensed cleaner during the inspection. A licensed inspector will also need to observe conditions of the system immediately before and after pumping. This will help determine if any problems exist that could put the waterways in your community at risk for contamination.

After the inspection the inspector will provide you with a report of the findings and recommendations. The report will tell you if the system is functioning properly, or if repairs are needed.

  • If repairs are needed you will need either a [LINK]major repair permit[/LINK] or [LINK]minor repair permit[/LINK] instead of a property transfer permit.
  • If your report lists none or only maintenance repairs (fix lid, tees, baffles etc.) needed then you are ready to complete the application for a property transfer permit.

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