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SepticSmart Exceptions

Some situations do not require a Property Transfer Certificate. Review the items below to find out more.

A Property Transfer Certificate is NOT required if:

  • The change in ownership is solely to include or exclude the name of a spouse.
  • The transfer is creating or ending a joint ownership if at least one person is an original owner of the property and/or his/her spouse.
  • The transfer of property contains a building or buildings connected to an OWS that will be demolished (or already has been), and the existing building/buildings will not be occupied after the property transfer.
  • The transfer of property is to a trust.
  • The transfer of property is to affect foreclosure or forfeiture of real property.
  • The owner of the property or the person acquiring title has signed an enforceable agreement with BCPH to upgrade the system.
  • The owner of the property will connect the dwelling or occupied building to a sanitary sewer or a shared system within the next two years following the transfer of title, provided that such agreement has been disclosed to and is binding on the subsequent owner(s).
  • The property owner is part of a community plan or management district for his/her onsite wastewater system that has been approved in writing by BCPH, and the system has been inspected as required by the plan.
  • Approved New or Major Repair permits that are 10 years old or newer.

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