Property Transfer Info for Sellers & Realtors
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SepticSmart: Property Transfer Information for Sellers & Realtors

Protect Yourself & Your Investment.

  • Check the permit record for the septic system of the house for sale. Make sure that the number of bedrooms listed on the permit is accurate and matches the number listed on the Assessor’s records.
  • If the permit record shows “NOT APPROVED” in the “Date of Final Approval” field, the final permit has not been approved. Homeowners must apply for a repair permit to verify or repair the unapproved system.
  • If the Date of Final Approval listed on the permit is more than five years ago, the system requires a Property Transfer inspection. (View Inspector listings).
  • If the Date of Final Approval on the New or Major Repair permit is within the last five years, the system is exempted from the inspection process. Certain other situations are also exempted.
  • The seller (even if it’s the bank) must ensure that a certificate is issued.
  • If the property passes inspection, the inspection report must be brought to Boulder County Public Health (BCPH).
  • The property transfer certificate must be issued prior to closing.

Please contact BCPH at 303-441-1564 if you have questions

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