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Property Transfer – How it Works

SepticSmart: Property Transfer - How it works

Selling a Home With an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) or a Septic System

If you are planning to sell a home with an onsite wastewater system (OWTS), or septic system, below is an outline of the steps required.

  • Check to see if the OWS is currently permitted and approved for the number of bedrooms currently in the house.
  • Contact an inspector. These inspectors are private companies. Please call them for prices.
  • View list of licensed professionals
  • If problems were identified in the inspection report that needed correction, apply for a repair permit and have the items corrected.
  • If the inspection report shows everything is in satisfactory working order, apply for a property transfer certificate at 3450 Broadway, Boulder.
    • Make sure to include the inspector’s report
    • Please make sure all information on the front page of the form is completed.
    • Allow ten working days for your certificate to be issued
    • The application fee of $50 is due at the time the inspection report is submitted.
  • If everything is in compliance, BCPH will issue a certificate of operation for the system. More on the inspection process.

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