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Applying for an OWTS Installer License

Application for an OWTS installer license or renewal shall be made upon forms supplied by Boulder County Public Health (BCPH). Prior to the issuance or renewal of such license, BCPH may require the applicant to demonstrate adequate knowledge of these regulations and experience installing onsite wastewater treatment systems.

  1. Systems contractors must provide proof of adequate training and certification equivalent to the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Certified Installers of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS). The NAWT installer class is equivalent.
  2. Ongoing refresher training and continuing education will be required for renewal of licenses.
  3. In accepting a license, a systems contractor must agree that all work performed in the construction, installation, alteration, or repair of OWTS shall be in compliance with these regulations and with the conditions set forth in the permit. It shall also be the responsibility of the systems contractor to ensure that all bed and trench excavations are level.

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