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SepticSmart: Buying a Home with OWS or Septic

Buying a Home with an OWTS or Septic

How it Works

  1. Check the onsite wastewater system (OWS) permit record on the house. Make sure that the number of bedrooms listed on the permit equals the number of bedrooms listed on the MLS. (check permit)
  2. If the property shows a date in the “Date of Final Approval”, field this means the OWS permit has been approved. Potential buyers should ask for the maintenance history, recent property transfer inspection report, and certificate of operation (valid for four years).
  3. If the permit record for the property shows “NOT APPROVED” in the “Date of Final Approval” field, this means the final permit has not been approved. Potential buyers should ask the homeowner about plans for repairing the OWS. If the buyer is expected to repair the OWS, it will need to be completed within 90 days of closing. The buyer should ask the seller for recent bids and a definitive “cost of repair.” The buyer may need to acquire the repair permit from Boulder County Public Health, or have the seller provide it.

SepticSmart: Property Transfer – How it works

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