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Mosquito Monitoring
mosquito on a fingertip

Mosquito Monitoring for West Nile Virus

Vector Index Log

The vector index tell us the relative risk of West Nile virus transmission. The vector index is based on the:

  • Total number of Culex Pipien and Culex Tarsalis – the species that carry West Nile virus
  • Number of infected mosquitoes across an area. The vector index is calculated by determining the average number of infected mosquitoes collected per trap in an area.
  • Emergency spraying may be recommended when the vector index is at 0.75 or higher.

Mosquito Monitoring 2023

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Week Ending OnVector IndexVector IndexVector Index
June 17 (Week 24)
June 24 (Week 25)
July 1 (Week 26)
July 8 (Week 27)0.004.350.00
July 15 (Week 28)
July 22 (Week 29)3.3116.085.44
July 29 (Week 30)14.1013.8210.74
August 5 (Week 31)5.9514.121.72
August 12 (Week 32)
August 19 (Week 33)0.973.200.81
August 26 (Week 34)1.333.871.86
September 2 (Week 35)0.190.500.40
September 9 (Week 36)
September 18 (Week 37)

NOTE: “—” indicates a single pool was submitted for that zone that tested positive, therefore we were unable to calculate an infection rate or vector index for that zone.

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Sentinel Zones for mosquito testing

West Nile Data

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