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Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation Priorities

Whether working toward better roads, new bicycle facilities, improved trails, cleaner vehicles or better transit services, Boulder County places a high priority on a sustainable transportation system. Policies and programs support the use of alternative transportation for employees, increase the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and decrease the emissions of the existing vehicle fleet. The results are cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion and decreased reliance on non-renewable energy resources.

Fewer Vehicles

Using alternative forms of transportation such as buses, carpools, bikes and our own two feet gets us all where we need to go with fewer cars and cleaner air. Boulder County promotes the use of alternative transportation through the regional trails program, bicycle shoulders projects and our support of new transit services.

We encourage our own employees to use alternative transportation during the workday and for their commute to work. Boulder County provides employees with discounted bus passes, pre-tax assistance with vanpool programs and prioritized parking for carpools. The county also provides bicycles for employees to check out and use during the day for short trips that would otherwise require a vehicle.

Cleaner, More Efficient Vehicles

Reducing fuel consumption not only improves air quality and is good for the environment, it saves money. Boulder County invests in fuel-efficient vehicles to provide transportation when alternative modes are not feasible.

Fuel-efficient vehicles are readily available for public purchase, as well, and Boulder County encourages residents to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles.

In addition to using fuel-efficient vehicles, Boulder County’s diesel fleet is being converted to run on cleaner-burning, low-sulfur diesel, with new emissions controls. Meanwhile, we are also upgrading our light-duty fleet to hybrid-electric. Together these changes could reduce total emissions by 20 to 80%!

Finally, fuel consumption and pollution can be reduced by simple, everyday changes in our driving habits. Boulder County educates its employees and the public on smart driving tips and encourages them to use alternative modes of transportation to travel to their destinations, whether commuting to work or performing county-related tasks during the workday.

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