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Environmental Sustainability Plan
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Boulder County Environmental Sustainability Plan

2018 Environmental Sustainability Plan CoverThe Environmental Sustainability Plan is intended to articulate Boulder County’s vision to create a more environmentally sustainable community as well as provide a blueprint for achieving our collective environmental sustainability. This 2018 version is the second iteration of the plan. The original Environmental Sustainability Plan was adopted in 2012.

By Chapter


Chapter 1: Air Quality

Monitor indoor and outdoor air quality to prevent pollution.

Chapter 2: Climate

Achieve carbon neutrality and become more resilient to the potential effects of climate change.

Chapter 3: Ecological Health

Preserve and restore healthy and vibrant ecosystems that sustain all inhabitants.

Chapter 4: Energy & Buildings

Foster building practices that encourage energy efficiency to reduce overall energy consumption while also increasing use of clean energy in new and existing buildings.

Chapter 5: Health & Wellness

Enhance the health and well-being of all people and the environment in Boulder County.

Chapter 6: Local Food & Agriculture

Support local food production and encourage sustainable agricultural practices on publicly-owned and private lands.

Chapter 7: Transportation

Promote the use of alternative transportation and fuel-efficient vehicles in order to decrease emissions while maintaining or expanding mobility for county residents, employees and visitors.

Chapter 8: Water

Monitor water quality of rivers, streams, and watershed to maintain safe, sufficient clean water supply.

Chapter 9: Zero Waste

Reduce landfilled waste while finding ways to reuse, recycle and compost discarded materials.

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