Voter Registration Statistics

Voter Registration Statistics

Boulder County Voter Registration Statistics

Data as of October 2, 2017

Party Active Inactive Total*
American Constitution 305 53 358
Democratic 96,319 7,070 103,389
Green 1,183 207 1,390
Libertarian 2,520 417 2,937
Republican 36,302 2,757 39,059
Unity 47 8 55
Unaffiliated 81,191 10,180 91,371
Total* 217,867 20,692 238,559

Active Status

Active voters automatically receive a mail ballot in each election. An active voter is:

  • Someone who is registered to vote and whose confirmation card or previous mail ballot was not returned as undeliverable.
  • Someone who is registered to vote and has not been identified as having moved to a different state.
  • Someone who has recently registered or updated their voter registration since the last general election.

Inactive Status

These voters do not automatically receive a mail ballot in each election. They are still eligible to vote by visiting a Voter Service and Polling Center during election time, or they can contact the Elections Division to find out more information about how to reactivate their record. Categories include:

  • Undeliverable Ballot or Returned Mail: Voters who no longer reside at the address provided on their voter registration file. Official election correspondence and/or ballot has been returned to the clerk’s office as “undeliverable” by the post office because the resident no longer lives at the address.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address database): Voters who have provided the U.S. Postal Service with new residence addresses that indicate they have moved out of the state of Colorado.

* Note that the voter counts reflected above do include a small percentage of voters who are under 18 at present, but may be eligible to vote by the next election. Colorado law allows residents to register to vote as young as 16. Only active voters who are age 18 on or before Election Day will be mailed a ballot.

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