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Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery
Flood Damage Road - 2013

Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)

The 2013 Flood was devastating for residents of Boulder County, many of whom lost homes or experienced significant property damage. While our community has made great strides over the past three years, for many the recovery continues.

As part of the flood response, Boulder County was awarded Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds from the federal government. The funding has been used to provide eligible homeowners in Boulder County with financial assistance for eligible projects including home repairs, septic and well systems, home access (culverts and individual roads and bridges), and temporary rental assistance. We are proud of the role we are playing to help our community rebuild.

The need for assistance following the flood exceeded the allotted CDBG-DR funds. As a result, as of July 2016, we are no longer accepting applications for any CDBG-DR programs. We continue to review and prioritize pending applications and are working to complete projects throughout the county. By the time this program closes fully, we will have served more than 200 households with home repairs, home access, buyout, and temporary rental assistance.

Although the CDBG-DR program funding has been exhausted, we will continue to work with state and federal partners to advocate for additional recovery funding.

Those still in need of assistance can explore the county’s housing rehabilitation and weatherization programs.

Watch a CDBG-DR client in Lyons talk about what the recovery process has been like for her.



Photo 1 & 2

Before: The foundation of this home was compromised by flowing surface water and the home began to sink and twist.

After: This new HUD-certified manufactured home is safe, healthy, and more energy-efficient for this single mother with a small child.

Photo 3 & 4

Before: New regulations don’t allow a septic system to be installed under a driveway, and because this property was so tight, the bedrock needed to be excavated for installation of the new system.

After: Newly installed septic system and graded hillside, fenced off to prevent cars from driving on drain field.

Photo 5 & 6

Before: This home experienced flooding through the basement windows. Water filled the basement to the ceiling and destroyed all of the basement’s infrastructure and the family’s possessions.

After: When FEMA funds and donations were exhausted, CDBG-DR funding assisted this family in rebuilding this essential living space.

  • Flood - Foundation Damage

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