Increasing Physical Activity
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Increasing Physical Activity

Few Americans (21%) meet the recommended amount of daily physical activity. People who are physically active are more likely to live longer and have a higher quality of life. Physical activity can prevent heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, and some cancers.

Strategies to Increase Physical Activity

  1. Increase access to active transportation among young children and their families.
    • Increase protected and bikeways and greenways for bicycle and walking trips
    • Increase free or low cost public transit opportunities within communities
    • Support community design that allows easy active transportation between homes, schools, places to recreate, and shop
    • Support Safe-Routes-To-School programs and incentive programs such as the TripTracker program
    • Construct a connected multimodal transportation network
    • Ensure complete streets are developed to accommodate vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians
    • Prioritize infrastructure improvements near transit stops and public transportation stations
    • Provide safe and convenient bicycle and pedestrian connections to public parks and recreation areas
    • Promote safe roadway crossing through use of small block sizes, pedestrian refuge islands, and cross-walks
    • Provide streetscape amenities such as benches, landscaping, lighting, and public art
    • Encourage way-finding with signs, maps, and landscape cues to direct pedestrians and bicyclists to the most direct route
    • Encourage bicycle parking at workplaces and transit stops
    • Educate bicyclists and pedestrians on state and local laws, as well as on safe practices
  2. Increase access for young children and their families to places to be physically active.
    • Provide free or low-cost access to recreation facilities and children’s sports and activity programs
    • Increase equity in involvement of children in recreation and sports programs with consideration for gender, race/ethnicity, and other inequities that exist
    • Build and maintain additional indoor and outdoor play and exercise facilities that are appealing to children and families
    • Implement joint-use agreements with schools and other locations with physical activity facilities, extend hours of operation, and provide public transportation to indoor and outdoor recreation and play facilities
    • Adopt community policing strategies to improve the safety of areas where children can be physically active
    • Adopt minimum play space, physical equity and duration of play requirements in preschool, after-school, and child care programs
    • Support the additions of trails and bike lanes and improved bike and pedestrian access to parks
  3. Encourage organizations and systems that impact young children and their families to promote physical activity.
    • Promote physical activity in early childhood centers
    • Promote physical activity in workplaces in Boulder County
    • Promote physical activity during family-centered events in Boulder County


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