Public Assistance FAQs

Public Assistance FAQs

  • I just applied for food and/or cash assistance. What can I expect next?
    • We are working all applications in the order received. We are currently conducting interviews over the phone. We will send you a text message or email the day before we’d like to contact you with some appointment options. Please watch for both texts and email so you can confirm an appointment preference. When we call, our number may look “blocked” or “unknown” due to the software we use. Please expect and answer these calls. Once the interview is completed, we will process your case and let you know if anything else is going to be needed.

  • What if I miss my interview?
    • If you miss your interview, text us at 303-441-1069 or call us at 303-441-1000 so we can connect you with a technician.

  • How do I report an income change on my active case?
    • If your income has fully stopped please provide us with the date it stopped, when your last check will be and whether this income will resume once the COVID-19 crisis is over (if known). If the current company/employer is still open please provide the information they gave you about the income stopping or provide us their contact information so we can try to verify this on your behalf. If we cannot verify because they are shut down currently, we can still move forward in most cases even if the verification cannot be obtained. All documents related to income/job loss should be emailed to or uploaded to your PEAK account.

  • Are there any current scams I should be aware of?
    • Yes. Unfortunately thieves take advantage of crises like COVID-19 to come up with new ways to create scams. The USDA recently put out some guidance on this matter.

  • How do I get a replacement EBT card?
    • If you have an active case, call Colorado’s EBT customer service number is 1-888-328-2656

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