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Alumni Association

Executive Board members Pam Stonecipher, Alan Watkins, Peggy Jackson, Tom Shomaker, Margaret Parish, Ron Stewart, and Rick Myers.

Lasting connections. Enjoy life outside the office–but stay in touch with colleagues you’ve worked with over the years.

The Alumni Association offers a platform for former employees to gather and catch up with one another.

As Board Member Ron Stewart puts it: “Social connections are important, and the Alumni Association is a great way to keep in touch.”

Association membership is free, and there is no obligation. Any former Boulder County employee in good standing with at least three years of employment is welcome to join. You will be invited to at least two social events a year and may be invited to participate in community service activities of interest to members.

An Executive Board, appointed by our County Commissioners, plans activities, answers inquiries, and participates in events. Board membership may change periodically.

Promoting camaraderie among former employees is the association’s main goal. “What I’ve found is that you really do miss the people you’ve worked with. Staying connected is exciting and feels good,” said Tom Shomaker, Board Member.

For more information or to indicate interest in joining the organization or becoming a Board Member, please email or Lisa Krebs at

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