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Climate Change Preparedness Plan

What is Climate Change?

There is increasing scientific evidence that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere are exerting a profound effect on the Earth’s climate: increasing extreme weather events, changing rainfall and crop productivity patterns, and fueling the migration of infectious diseases. We have summarized some of findings of the leading scientific sources on our Climate webpage.

Why a Plan?

Boulder County is developing the Climate Change Preparedness Plan to help local residents and communities better prepare for changing environmental conditions.

What is the Process?

A team of local consultants reviewed science pertinent to the Front Range and developed a list of recommendations for our community. Some of the most important steps have already been taken: establishment of the Office of Emergency Management, plans for responding to floods and wildfires, limits on development in floodplains, and programs to improve the health of our forests.

A formal plan will help the Board of County Commissioners decide the most effective and economical next steps.

If you have questions, email Susie Strife, Boulder County’s Sustainability Coordinator.

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