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Green Purchasing & Zero Waste

Boulder County is committed to Sustainability and has created Green Purchasing and Zero Waste policies to ensure all our efforts are sustainable.

Green Purchasing & Zero Waste Subcommittee

This group consists of staff from various departments who meet on a monthly basis to recommend policies and explore opportunities to expand green purchasing and zero waste efforts.


Our green purchasing and zero waste practices ensure a sustainable future for the County organization and provide a model for the community.


  • Improve our Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) policy through education and creating additional standards and requirements.
  • Approach zero waste (or darn near) through education and enhanced reduce, reuse, recycle and composting opportunities.
  • Model, promote and facilitate environmental sustainability in the community.
  • Provide education and leadership for county employees to take personal responsibility for the environment

Actions by Department


  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
  • 100% recycled paper policy
  • Electronic invoicing procedures to reduce paper consumption
  • Minimal packaging and Energy Star compliance requirements in bids / RFPs; bids can now be submitted electronically
  • Vehicle replacement criteria includes fuel economy & GHG emissions, age, mileage

Resource Conservation – Zero Waste

  • In-house recycling program: 129.8 tons of single-stream recycling in 2013
  • In-house composting program: 149.3 tons of food waste and other compostables in 2013
  • In-house Hazardous waste roundups: 1.9 tons in 2012
  • In-house electronic-waste roundups: 6.26 tons in 2013
  • In-house book collection (for paperback & hard cover books): 1.55 tons in 2013
  • Community Outreach Program Funding offered for waste reduction infrastructure and Zero Waste education through the Resource Conservation Division (1997 – 2013: $989,987)

Resource Conservation – Education and Outreach

  • Recycling Center tours. Over 4000 people tour the Boulder County Municipal Recycling Facility (MRF) each year.
  • 5 drop-off recycling centers
  • County Fair recycling
  • Boulder County Fair, a Zero Waste event for 8 years running, as of 2014

Building Services

  • LEED EB purchasing guide established for EB buildings
  • Use chemicals with the lowest HMIS rating possible and go beyond biodegradability and phosphate free as environmentally friendly standards
  • Use local compost on grounds
  • Efficient 4-cycle mowers used
  • Use reusable and rechargeable batteries
  • Recycle/reuse construction scraps
  • Use long life-cycle and recycled content materials
  • Low water-use fixtures and landscapes

Information Technology

  • Trade-ins
  • All printers specified as duplexers
  • Long-life, energy saving flat-screen monitors purchased for staff
  • E-waste recycled
  • State Electronics Challenge Partner

Parks and Open Space

  • Bio-fuel system at new parks building
  • Recycling at some trailheads
  • Recycled plastic wheel stops in parking lots
  • Recycling abandoned tires found on Open Space to be turned into fuel
  • Wood waste, brush, and limbs, chipped or mulched for reuse

Printing and Mailing

  • Low VOC vegetable inks
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Reuse and recycling

Sheriff’s Office

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Long life-span equipment
  • Donate outdated equipment
  • Jail Battery Recycling


  • Gravel, dirt, concrete, and asphalt recycling


  • Car and truck batteries, oil, antifreeze recycling


  • License plate recycling

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